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November 2019

Our selective waste sorting solutions

Our product selection: from the office to the outdoor areas
On the occasion of World Recycling Day, we invite you to discover our selection of recycling bins : from office waste bin, to large capacity for communs areas, to outdoor containers, you will necessarily find the products that meet your needs. 

Since 1 January 2018, companies with more than 20 employees have been obliged to provide selective sorting solutions to promote the recycling of waste. As every gesture counts to preserve the environment, it is necessary to have the appropriate containers at your disposal to encourage selective sorting as much as possible...

For office area

Two or three sorting compartments according to your needs, not to mention the small battery collector for the proper management of all your office waste.
Ref. 320 Ref. 516 Ref. 2310
Waste bin : 15L Large compartment : 16L 
Sorting compartment with cover : 4,5L
Collector of 3L

For common spaces

With or without cover... For an efficient selective sorting with colour identification.
Available soon ! 
Ref. 133x3
Ref. 133 unit
Ref. 91947 Ref. 56119 (green)
56742 (blue)
56116 (yellow)
40L Waste bin : 50L One Cubatri : 65L

For outdoor areas

A capacity adapted to everyone's waste storage needs.
Ref. 1201 Ref. 2401 Ref. 7701
120L 240L 770L

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